We use the online manual instead of the paper manual to avoid the impact of the length and the clarity of the printing on the installation process.

Click to jump to the installation tutorial website: https://www.lightingmanuals.com/

Please forgive the different download speed due to the limitation of different regions and internet speed.

The following are detailed steps to obtain the installation instructions.

1. Find the label on the back of the package (if the box missed, search for the LEGO number).

2. Log in the website enter all the characters of the label on the back of the package. Download or read the manual online according to different types of acquisition methods.

What should I do if the search shows that the website is not working?

We need to change machines frequently because the website capacity is limited. If you happen to encounter a situation where the website does not work, please wait patiently. It is estimated that the website will be restored within 8 hours or contact us to send the PDF manual.

What should I do if I am confused about the installation steps?

Please confirm that the instructions have been clearly understood or contact the seller to resolve.

What should I do if the parts received are damaged or missing?

Contact us, and we will try our best to solve the problem.

You Can Also Find Installation video on YouTube!

Check out the official BrickBling YouTube Channel! Dive into a treasure trove of LEGO® lighting-related materials that encompass invaluable tips, clever tricks, and comprehensive instructions!