Light up your LEGO McLaren P1 and enjoy a visual feast!

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BrickBling designs and manufactures the most cost-effective and creative LED lighting kits exclusively for LEGO, bringing new life to your LEGO bricks.

Elevate your LEGO experience with BrickBling

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It's easy and fun to install BrickBling lights into your toys

Let's try to light up the LEGO building now!

Step 1

We've simplified the process of illuminating your LEGO creations. Explore our extensive catalog of light kits tailored to your favorite sets.

For those who prefer a hands-on approach, you can even craft your own custom lighting solutions using individual components from our component range.


Lacking electronics expertise? No worries, you won't require any.

Our user-friendly online instructions will walk you through each stage, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free LEGO® lighting adventure.

You won't need to disassemble your pre-built LEGO® sets. Our instructions are tailored to enhance assembled LEGO® sets seamlessly


Once you've finished installing your light kit to your model, simply flip the on switch and marvel as your set comes to life with BrickBling lights!

We're honored to be a part of your creative journey, making your LEGO world truly unforgettable.

We don't just provide lights for your LEGO bricks, we also want to provide a new perspective to upgrade your creations. With our lighting kits, your buildings become bustling cityscapes, your spaceships soar through galaxies, and your castles light up the night.

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BrickBLing’s Mission

Bringing Your Bricks to Life

Our primary mission is to breathe new life into your brick creations. We understand the magic of building with bricks, but we also know how their vibrancy fades when the lights go out. That's where we come in.BrickBling is born out of our passion for bricks, and our desire to make them shine brighter than ever. Each LED light is handcrafted and made from environmentally friendly materials, ensuring a premium, eco-conscious product.


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